5 RV Painting Mistakes To Avoid

A little paint can transform your RV. Many RV owners try to paint it themselves and make the following mistakes. Avoid the frustration by doing it right and getting professional motorhome painting in Fullerton to complete the job.

1. Slapping Paint Directly On The Existing Surface

You can’t shortcut your way out of surface prep. Surfaces covered in grease, grime, or dirt won’t hold onto the paint very well. Paint can also highlight imperfections, such as dents and scratches.

Prepare your surface by cleaning it well. Depending on the material, you might want to sand off imperfections and create a smooth canvas. Sanding also helps the paint stick.

If sanding isn’t appropriate, use a primer that’s designed for the material. Read and follow the directions on each product. Many tell you exactly how to prepare the surface to achieve the best results. The team at our RV repair shop in Fullerton understands the proper products to use for common motorhome materials to create a durable, attractive finish.

Don’t forget to repair any imperfections before you paint. If the laminate sheet covering your camper cabinets is peeling off, the paint will not help it stick any better. In some cases, you can glue it down. In others, it’s best to sand it off completely.

2. Using Cheap Supplies

When it comes to painting, you often get what you pay. In general, pricey paints do a better job. They may have a smoother finish and offer more coverage.

Whatever you do, don’t skimp on brushes. A high-quality paintbrush can cost between $10 and $20, and the price is well worth it. Cheap paintbrushes lose bristles easily. They don’t hold paint as well as premium brushes. You’ll save yourself headaches by spending a little more money on a few choice brushes, such as:

  • A wide brush to cover large surfaces quickly
  • A narrow brush to paint details
  • An angled brush to get into corners

3. Waiting Too Long To Clean Up And Touch Up

How many times have you told yourself that you’ll get through a project as quickly as possible and deal with mistakes later? But if you wait too long, you won’t be able to correct the job.

The same goes for painter’s tape. It can pull off layers of substrate and chip the paint if you wait too long before you remove it.

Put extra time and focus into the project now. You’ll minimize the amount of work you’ll have to do later and avoid making time-consuming mistakes.

4. Rushing The Post-Paint Job

You’re probably excited to test out your newly updated camper. Then, you notice scratches and peeling paint.

That doesn’t mean that you prepared the surface inadequately or used the wrong product for the material. Give the paint time to settle before you test its adhesion or use the RV. Some products take about a week to meld with the substrate fully.

Plus, if you drive somewhere with a different climate shortly after painting, the change in humidity and temperature could compromise the paint. When you hire El Toro RV Service for motorhome painting in Fullerton, we’ll give you tips for taking care of the paint once you get to enjoy your RV again.

5. Forgetting That Your RV Is A Moving Vehicle

Even though your camper seems pretty solid, the interior elements shift as you drive. If you cover seams and transitional areas with paint, they can bubble and chip as the vehicle moves. Use a razor blade to score these areas and provide separation between them. A professional RV painter can pinpoint these areas, providing you with a clean look that will stand up to your travels.

Most RV painting mistakes happen when you try to cut corners, save money and rush the job. One way to avoid them is to get professional motorhome painting in Fullerton, like El Toro RV Service. At El Toro RV Service, we use an efficient, meticulous process to ensure that you’re happy with the results.

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