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Carefree Arm Set, Travel'r 12V, Black, Adjustable Pitch 00-2938 OVJVAPHW 26-2927

Item Number: 00-2938
Wt: 36.00
UPC: 740544655457
SKU: 00-2938
Manufacturer part number: OVJVAPHW
GTIN: 740544655457
Manufacturer: CAREFREE

Arm Sets for 12V Eclipse or 12V Travel+r 8+ Extension Hardwired (Includes wall switch) 12v Travelr Arm Set - Black - Adjustable Pitch Wt. 38 12 volt convenience at an economical price, power awnings arenUt just for the big rigs anymore. For motorhomes, travel trailers and 5th wheels, when you want instant pitch adjustments not found on flat or steep pitch. Easy, push button operation. Truss support design provides maximum head clearance without sacrificing strength. Billow-proof worm gear motor. No storage or travel locks, automatically locks for travel. Rain dump feature releases pooled water on flat canopy. Order as a complete new awning or upgrade your existing Carefree or A&E/Dometic manual awning. The Adjustable Pitch TravelUr combines easy push button operation, with the flexibility of adjustable pitch. Extend the awning and adjust the pitch to desired setting for shade. Best of all, there is no need to re-adjust the awning; it extends and retracts even when the arms are set in different pitch positions. The truss support design provides superior strength and maximum head clearance for easy access to the patio area. The Adjustable Pitch TravelUr is available as a complete awning or as an upgrade to existing manual awnings.

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