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GSI Bugaboo Base Camper, Med 03-4025 44223

Item Number: 03-4025
Mfg No:44223
Wt: 2.83
SKU: 03-4025
Manufacturer part number: 44223
Manufacturer: GSI

Bugaboo Base Camper-Medium Comes with fry pan, 2L pot, 3L pot, gripper, cutting board and two lids which all nests inside the mesh sack. * Exclusive folding gripper locks on to exterior brackets on pot and fry pan to prevent scratching and to provide a secure handle while cooking. Unique design compacts for nested storage. * Crushproof lid made of BPA-Free resin prevents deformation of your pot/lid and includes an integrated strainer. * Thick cutting board provides stable prep surface while isolating the pots for clatter-free nesting. * Mesh stuff sack keeps set organized

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