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Blue Star Cool Touch Support Cushion, Beige 03-0732 1008-BEIGE

Item Number: 03-0732
Blue Star
Mfg No:1008-BEIGE
Wt: 2.37
UPC: 765053762267
SKU: 03-0732
Manufacturer part number: 1008-BEIGE
GTIN: 765053762267
Manufacturer: BLUE STAR

Cool Touch is a great natural alternative for sore and aching muscles, numbness, head-ache, stress, pain, tension. Promotes great body circulation & relaxing anywhere. Scientific formulation of natural minerals transfers body heat to Cool Touch( cushion, turning minerals from a firm gelatin consistency to a liquid state. Cools for hours before needing to regenerate its cooling ability. Use as a lumbar support when sitting for long periods of time or traveling to reduce fatigue.

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