If you have noticed on the highway or in the RV parks that some older model motor homes have a really outstanding appearance, it might be because they have had RV and trailer detailing. Do you also notice some newer models that have a dull, tired and tarnished look? If that happens to be yours, you might want to give El Toro RV a call.

You can assume that the inside of those motor homes reflect their exterior conditions. The differences are not merely a function of miles driven. They are directly related to the pride, protection and care that the owner imparts to the vehicle to maintain a like-new condition as well as the care given by any auto detailing service that specializes in RVs and trailers. The owner of the older, better-looking vehicle has most likely invested in thorough motor home detailing services on a regular schedule.

Besides supplying parts and service for your motor home and trailer, El Toro RV Detailing in Orange County, CA employs RV detailing experts that can bring your vehicle back to life. El Toro RV Service in Orange County, CA employs highly trained motor home and RV detailing experts specializing in both exterior and interior motor home renovation. As a provider of RV repair, service and parts, El Toro has become recognized as the best in motor home detailing in Lake Forest, CA and surrounding Orange County areas.

If you need quick, high quality RV detailing – Orange County, CA , call us today at 949-830-1996 for more information on our motor home and RV detailing for Orange County, CA residents.

Our experts in RV detailing recognize that expert detailing can be as important as changing your oil and servicing your engine in preserving the value and function of your motor home. Detailing does not mean occasionally splashing water and soap on the outside, while running a quick vacuum over the interior.

Do You Need RV Detailing?

El Toro RV Service is an RV detailing company in Orange County, CA providing comprehensive deep-cleaning and touching up of all exterior and interior surfaces to restore your vehicle to a pristine condition.

Your motor home is more than just transportation that doubles as a home. By the very nature of its use, your RV may undergo far more damaging conditions than a typical automobile and most certainly more than the typical home. Driven through every sort of weather condition at highway speeds and parked in Nature’s scenic and unpaved environments, your RV can experience very abusive treatment, both inside and out.

In a short time your pristine mobile home-on-wheels begins to look and feel as if it has been driven through a war zone in a very untidy place. The exterior, particularly if not enjoying the benefit of garage protection, will be subjected to finish-dulling sunlight. And when you are traveling those snow-covered roads to enjoy a breathtaking vista, your gorgeous rolling home may be exposed to harsh chemicals that may permanently damage the beauty of your vehicle.

And what happens outside the RV generally ends up on the inside as well. More passengers and visitors cause more interior issues. Mud, sand and dirt will find their way onto the floors and carpets and into the cracks of your nicely-fitted furniture and woodwork. Your awnings also may become faded and drab over time. We clean these as part of our normal RV detailing service.

El Toro RV detailing – Lake Forest, CA specialists will reduce the impact of those damaging elements in their process for restoring your vehicle to its showroom beauty.

What Is Included in our RV Detailing Service

To protect your motor home and your investment, you should ask our RV detailing experts to perform a total cleaning at least once each year. The service could be required more often if you have subjected your vehicle to “extra-heavy” usage. If you need quick and high quality RV detailing services in Orange County CA, call El Toro RV Service today.

Below is what you will get with our motor home and RV detailing services:

El Toro RV technicians are very knowledgeable and experienced with motor home and RV detailing in Orange County, and we will let you know the best and most affordable ways to get the RV detailing service you deserve. Our first step will be to pre-inspect the exterior for unusual or excessive problems that might cause further deterioration. Additionally, we look for developing corrosion on the body and around the engine compartment that may be repaired during the detailing process. Road salts and chemicals can be very destructive over time if they are not cleaned off regularly.

The detailing begins with scrubbing the roof and sides of your vehicle. We power wash the wheels and wheel wells while searching for any excess build-up of sealants and foreign materials in the seams, windows and doors. We will repaint any chipped or exposed metal areas around the steps, bumpers, door latches and other heavily used areas.

Once thoroughly cleaned, the vehicle will be buffed and waxed to a like-new finish. The windows and windshield will be cleaned, and ArmorAll will be applied to all tires.

The RV interior work begins with a thorough cleaning of the cockpit including the seats, flooring and dashboard, plus an interior cleaning of the windshield and all windows. The dashboard gets dusted and a coating of ArmorAll to restore that surface to its original condition.

Next, the expert detailers work on the appliances, the refrigerator and stove, plus perform a complete cleaning of the counter tops to return them to a like-new appearance. At the same time, we move to the toilet, tub and wash basin/sinks to bring back the freshest possible appearance. The blinds, valences and all furniture also receive a complete cleaning. We finish with a shampooing of all carpeted areas.

Once the RV service is complete, our trained motor home and RV detailing technicians go back over your vehicle entirely to make sure that all detailing steps have been fully completed. From the time you deliver your RV to El Toro RV Service in Lake Forest, CA, we already begin inspecting your vehicle for any additional issues or flaws—and we will do the same before returning to you. Since this is done as a safety and preventative measure, you can be confident that our customers’ welfare is our highest priority.

El Toro RV Service is a full-line RV and motor home service company. What this means is that, along with our excellent RV detailing service, we sell and install a full line of accessories and replacement parts to keep your equipment up to date. As experts in the field, we recommend including an RV detailing service along with other maintenance—it is convenient and cost effective for you to do so. For your additional convenience, you may also order parts and accessories at any time from the El Toro RV Service.

Why Choose El Toro’s RV Detailing Service.

Allow El Toro’s motor home and RV detailing providers to return your faded, stained and oxidized RV or motor home to its original condition. The savings alone from keeping your vehicle in top condition can be far greater than the reasonable charge for our regular RV detailing service. The trade-in value of your vehicle will increase, and owning that vehicle a few years longer are significant financial reasons to maintain the current vehicle in pristine condition.

El Toro RV Service of Orange County believes that starting your long drive with a shiny, immaculate vehicle makes the entire experience more exciting. Our promise is that our customers will leave happy and with an motor home and RV that has years taken off of its “care life”. What separates us from the pack is our quick turnaround, impeccable quality and friendly team of automotive cleaning staff that take great pride in their work and providing customers with a finished result that rivals no other.

If you have any questions regarding our RV or motor home detailing services, do not hesitate to phone El Toro RV Service at (949)-830-1996

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