How Much Does It Cost To Buff A Motorhome?

How much should you pay for RV detailing in Orange County, CA? Because there are different types and sizes of RVs, detailers can charge per square foot or the level of detailing you will need. You will pay between $150 and $200 to detail an RV between 21 and 27 feet. If you need more services, such as cleaning the interior, you will pay an extra $50 to $150. In total, you could spend up to $300 for complete RV detailing.

Many factors determine the pricing. For starters, different detailers have different pricing models. Some RVers choose to clean and wax their own RVs, which can significantly reduce the cost. But is DIY buffing a good idea? Read on to learn more.

Cost Of RV Detailing In Orange County, CA Based On RV Size

Most detailers will charge you for detailing based on RV size. If your RV is 21 feet or shorter, it is considered small. It can be a class C motorhome or a small camper. RV detailing in Orange County, CA, will cost between $100 and $200 for these RVs, depending on the level of cleaning and waxing you need.

On the other hand, medium RVs are between 21 and 27 feet. Most of the time, they can be bigger class C motorhomes and medium-size towable campers. You will pay up to $350 to detail such an RV. With these RVs, you can camp in most state parks.

Large RVs are between 27 and 39 feet long and include large towable campers and class A motorhomes. You will pay up to $400 to detail these RVs. If your RV is longer than 40 feet, it is extra-large in size, and you may need up to $600 to detail it. These are fifth-wheel campers and class A motorhomes.

Buffing comes after the cleaning and waxing to give your RV a shine.

RV Detailing Orange County, CA also offers cleaning for RVs

What Does RV Detailing In Orange County, CA, Involve?

RV detailing in Orange County, CA, involves cleaning and waxing your RV. The detailer will clean the exterior of the RV and apply wax, then buff it to shine. They will then clean all areas of the cabin and give it any necessary treatment for a clean look. Lastly, the detailer cleans tires, wheel wells, and the trailer.

The detailer will pay attention to the floor, RV toilet, windows, appliances, and mirrors in the cabin. They take care of each component of the cabin based on its material and nature. The idea behind RV detailing in Orange County, CA is to make the RV as close to looking new as possible.

Why Are RV Detailing Services Necessary?

The materials of your RV are exposed to sun, rain, wind, and ice. If you fail to protect the materials, they break down. This will give your RV an unsightly look. The materials will also become brittle, reducing the lifespan of your RV. If the paint of your vehicle chips out, the metal will be exposed to elements that can cause rusting and other factors that can cause damage.

With RV detailing in Orange County, CA, your RV looks better, its lifespan increases, and its resale value increases. The motorhome buff wax protects the vehicle from weather elements. After cleaning and buffing the RV, you can see small scrapes and dents on your vehicle for easy repair. Small debts go unnoticed when your RV is dirty.

A clean RV is a healthy RV. You avoid germs and experience cleaner air when you detail your RV. When camping out there, you will feel proud of your RV.

DIY Detailing Vs. Professional RV Detailing In Orange County, CA

You can save money by detailing your RV. However, the process takes time, uses some equipment you may not have, and is physically demanding. An RV detailing professional can save you from the tiresome task and do the work in half the time. Thanks to the experience, a detailing expert will do a far better job than the RV owners.

How Is Professional RV Detailing In Orange County, CA, Carried Out?

At El Toro RV Service, the detailing process is thorough. Vehicles subjected to heavy use will need professional cleaning at least twice a year. You can detail RVs under normal use at least once a year. Here is how we carry out an RV detailing in Orange County, CA.

  • Inspection: This is the first step that seeks to understand your RV. At this stage, the expert checks for corrosion, rust, mold, and other factors that may necessitate the need for special care. The inspection also seeks to identify areas that may need repair before or after the RV detailing in Orange County, CA.
  • Exterior and Interior Cleaning: The expert uses a pressure washer to clean the side of the RV, the wheel wells, and the tires. When all the parts are clean, the expert will inspect the RV again for any dents that may show after the cleanup. If there are any repairs to be done, our expert can help you with that. This may include repainting areas on the doors, bumpers, and more. Inside, the expert cleans the interior surfaces, dashboard, floor, and seats, among others. They will also clean your appliances, such as the stove, before moving to the toilet.
  • Waxing and Buffing: RV detailing in Orange County, CA, ends when your vehicle is shiny and looking new. The expert applies a coat of wax and then buffs to give the surface a glossy appearance.
  • Inspection and Additional Services: After the detailing, the expert does one more check to ensure everything is in order. This last inspection seeks to identify issues that may have come apparent after the detailing process. If accessories and parts are missing or broken, the expert can help you install them. This is one area where professional detailing comes in handy.


If you seek professional detailing every year, you protect your RV from premature damages. The cost of the RV detailing in Orange County, CA, will depend on the size of the vehicle. Other factors that dictate the cost of RV detailing in Orange County, CA, include mobile or on-site detailing, cleaning of awning and roof, RV age and condition, and oxidation removal. Check out El Toro RV detailing in Orange County, CA today.

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