How Much Does It Cost To Detail An RV?

So you’ve got your trusty RV splattered with mud from your last vacation, but you hate doing the dirty work of cleaning it. Consider this: you can always hire a professional to do the work for you! Rather than taking on the cleaning job yourself, why not have an expert get your motorhome nice and shiny for you? An RV is a significant investment for most people, and you’ll want to keep it looking new and clean. Of course, you can always save money by cleaning and detailing your RV on your own, but RVs are complex, large vehicles, and most of the time, the task is well beyond what the individual owner can do on his own. If this situation applies to you, and you are looking for an RV detail service in Orange County, CA, El Toro’s Detailing Service has you covered.

Advantages Of Having An RV Detailed

You might be able to save a good deal of money by detailing your RV yourself, but there is no denying that the process can be quite a time drain. If your RV has corrosion, you will also need to be familiar with the right cleaning products, replacement parts, and many other bits of information that can be tedious to research and implement. A simple Google search for “Mobile RV detailing near me” or “RV detailing Orange County CA” will bring up many websites demonstrating what professionals must do to detail an RV, showing it to be an exhaustive process.

Some might even consider detailing an RV unnecessary, but there are a few reasons why detailing any vehicle is a good idea. The motorhome spends a great deal of time in outdoor conditions, often in camping conditions, and most are too large to be sheltered in a garage, to begin with. If you have not invested in a good quality cover for the vehicle, your motorhome will face exposure to snow, wind, rain, and the sun. This is why detailing the RV’s exterior involves protecting the outer layer of the vehicle from general wear and tear. This is especially necessary considering the climate in California. El Toro’s RV detailing in Orange County, CA takes this into account when servicing local RVs.

Chipped RV Pain needs RV Detailing Orange County CA

Why You Need To Detail Your RV

If the motorhome’s exterior is neglected, in almost no time at all, it will look shabby and aged. This contributes to the decreased market value of the vehicle. As for the interior, never forget that the interior of the RV is your living space, and few things make a vacation quite as miserable as dirty and unsanitary living conditions. If the interior is neglected long enough, it can quickly become uninhabitable. Accumulated dust and dirt, greasy stovetops, and attempting to clean eating utensils in a dirty dishwasher aren’t appealing to anyone, especially on lengthy trips.

Don’t forget that pet hair can also contribute to wear and tear on the interior of the vehicle, and failure to clean hair from furniture or beds usually results in pet hair sticking to you instead. For those with allergies, this can be a health hazard. Most companies specializing in RV and motor home detailing in Orange County, CA, note this on their websites.

What Is Included In RV Detailing?

As mentioned above, basic detailing of the exterior will include a thorough cleaning of the outside of the vehicle. Interior detailing will also involve cleaning dirt and pet hair, but what do you really get when you detail an RV? When you detail your RV, it is thoroughly sanitized, to put it simply. When you look into RV detailing services, often by searching for “RV detailing near me” or “RV detailing Orange County CA,” you will see that experts will vacuum carpeted areas. They will also conduct a deep dusting of all airborne surfaces, and ensure that all windows are cleaned to the point of appearing new.

Most experts use high-quality cleaning materials in shampooing carpets, furniture, and other cloth-covered areas as part of the service price. Also included in most companies offering mobile RV detailing in Orange County, CA, though optional in others, are the cleaning of living quarters, bathrooms, and kitchens. It is important to remember that if you keep the RV clean and well taken care of, you will likely need fewer detailing services when the time comes, which is a money saver. So take care of your RV! If you are in Orange County, check into RV and motor home detailing services in Orange County, CA.

Interior cleaning included in RV Detailing Orange County CA

Cost Of Detailing An RV

The first thing most RV owners ask when looking into RV detailing services is, “how much is this going to cost?” There is no getting around the fact that mobile RV detailing in Orange County, CA, is not cheap. On the other hand, the cost of purchasing a new vehicle compared to the cost of maintaining it looks far more palatable and cost-effective in the long run. Regular maintenance also extends the life of the RV, making it a worthwhile investment the longer you can keep it.

As to how much it will cost for an RV detail service in Orange County, CA, many variables can influence the cost of cleaning services, such as the size of the vehicle, its current condition, what services are offered, and how extensive the cleaning will be. Depending upon the model of RV to be cleaned, the construction and layout of the interior and design, and several other factors, one can expect to pay anywhere from $9 to $35 per square foot for RV and Motorhome detailing Orange CA. Even vehicles that are technically the same size can vary in cost depending upon the layout and the type of detailing needed. It is also possible to get a custom package to detail your vehicle if you only need specific services. A search for “mobile RV detailing near me” will often yield websites that outline the average cost of cleaning a specific sized vehicle.

The average length of an RV is around 30 feet, and the owner can expect to pay, on average, around $300 to service a vehicle that size. Smaller RVs might cost less and larger RVs might cost more, and as a general rule, RV owners should plan to have their vehicles serviced at least once a year. Investing in a good RV cover can also help preserve the exterior. Those who make frequent use of their RVs should do basic dusting and vacuuming of the interior and wash the exterior between full-scale cleanings.

RV Detailing Orange County CA includes interior cleaning

Why Choose El Toro’s RV Detailing Service?

If you have decided that you want professional services to detail your RV, do a quick search for “RV detailing near me” and look no further than El Toro RV Service for the best RV detailing in Orange County, CA. The experts at El Toro have years of experience in servicing RVs and can breathe new life into your weathered RV. Services can be as simple as an exterior wash and an oil change or as extensive as interior cleaning. Other services in RV detailing include pre-inspections for problems such as corrosion and advanced deterioration, accumulated road wear and grime, and other harmful substances that can damage the motorhome.

The exterior cleaning of your RV will include washing the roof thoroughly, power washing all wheels, and checking the seams on windows and doors, followed by buffing and waxing. Interior cleaning includes vacuuming all carpeted and upholstered areas, appliances, furniture, and surface tops, as well as shampooing of carpeted areas. The RV is then given a final inspection, which includes a safety and vehicle inspection. El Toro RV and Motorhome detailing Orange CA can restore your worn motorhome to showroom floor conditions and is committed to customer service and satisfaction.

For all your detailing needs, give us a call at El Toro RV Services.

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