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Here is where you'll find our most common services provided. Please call our service department if you should need other services. Bumper to Bumper, we do it all. 


LP Appliance Service:

Recommended annual routine maintenance and service for:

  • Refrigerators
  • Water heaters
  • Furnaces
  • Stoves and ovens
  • Complete LP system leak test and pressure check


Roof Air Conditioner Service:


Routine maintenance and service of roof AC includes:

  • Cleaning of return air filter* condensers and evaporators
  • Lubing of fan motor and system performance test
  • *Filter additional if needed


Generator Service:

  • Change generator oil and filter
  • Install new air filter
  • Perform 110v output test and load bank
  • Adjust carburetor as needed
  • Test run and performance check


RV Chassis Inspection:

  • Test drive and performance test of engine, transmission, suspension and brakes
  • Visual brake inspection (if accessible)
  • Inspect all engine fluids, belts and hoses
  • Inspect all engine and transmission filters
  • Test dash AC performance and airflow
  • Inspect driveline and exhaust system
  • Inspect rear differential
  • Check and set tire pressure
  • Test exterior lights
  • Test alternator for output, load bank chassis battery



Trailer Bearing Repack / Brake Service:

Recommended annual maintenance and service to wheel bearing and brakes:

  • Clean and repack bearings
  • Inspect for wear and play
  • Inspect, clean and adjust brakes
  • Inspect brake hardware and magnets for proper operation
  • Install new grease seals
  • Check tire wear and adjust pressure as needed

RV Interior / Box Inspection:

  • Light off and test all LP appliances, pressure test LP system
  • Inspect generator and check fluids, Test for proper output under load
  • Test run and performance check roof air conditioner(s)
  • Test water pump for proper pressure, test city water valve and water system for leaks
  • Test black and grey water tank valve for leaks
  • Test charging system for output, load bank house battery system
  • Inspect roof seal and membrane integrity
  • Test all interior lights

Engine Oil Change / Chassis Lube:

  • Drain and refill engine oil, install new oil filter
  • Check chassis fluids, belts and hoses
  • Lube Chassis

Transmission Service:

  • Remove transmission pan and clean, install new gasket
  • Install new transmission filter(s) and fluid
  • Inspect transmission for leaks and test fpr proper operation

12v Battery Charging System Service:

  • Inspect, clean, charge and load test house and engine batteries
  • Test battery isolator/ solenoid/ disconnect for proper operation
  • Check alternator/ converter/ inverter/ solar panel for proper output

Rear Differential Service :

  • Drain differential and remove cover
  • Inspect gear condition and check for foreign materials
  • Reinstall and reseal cover
  • Refill with proper oil

Chassis Cooling System Service:

  • Drain, flush and refill radiator
  • Pressure test system and radiator cap
  • Inspect overflow tank, hoses, water pump and thermostat
  • Test engine fan for operation

Dash AC Service:

  • Evacuate and recharge dash AC freon
  • Perform vacume pressure test on system and check for leaks
  • Check AC compressor, pressure switch and belt(s)
  • Test AC registers for proper air flow

RV Complete Drain and Sanitize:

  • Complete drain, flush and sanitize of black and grey water tanks, water heater*, fresh water tank and all water lines
  • Includes inspection of water filter(s) if applicable
  • *Water heater anode rod additional if needed

RV Fresh Water Drain and Sanitize:


  • Drain, flush and sanitize of water heater*, fresh water tank and all water lines
  • Includes inspection of water filter(s) if applicable
  • *Water heater anode rod additional if needed

RV Wash:

  • Wash and scrub roof and all sides
  • Put on tire dressing
  • Rinse with spot free de-ionized water
  • *Interior and Exterior details available


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