RV & Collision Repair in Costa Mesa, CA

Collision Repair We offer reliable RV servicing in Costa Mesa. We have over 35 years of experience in RV service and repair, meaning we can offer the most efficient turnaround. Our team will get your RV repaired and back on the road on time and with a friendly interaction. RV repair can be stressful, and our goal is to remove stress from the equation. No matter how big or small the job, the experts at our Costa Mesa RV repair shop have the skill set to complete the job. Below you will find the repairs we offer in our repair shop.

Costa Mesa RV Repair Service You Can Trust

Our Costa Mesa RV body shop prides itself on being a trustworthy stop for RV drivers. Due to our 35 plus years in the industry, we have seen it all. This means there is no problem we can’t solve. This is why you can trust us to be able to get your RV back on the road as soon as possible. 

We understand the accidents can happen, no matter how much everyone tries to avoid them. No matter the severity of the accident, we guarantee we will be able to get your RV back up and running. We are the obvious choice for Costa Mesa RV repair and maintenance.

What Separates Us from Other Costa Mesa RV Repair

It’s simple: we offer more than our competitors. We have the best, most widely-educated staff. This means we can go above and beyond what is necessary. In addition to simple body repair, we also offer Costa Mesa RV painting. Our Costa Mesa RV body shop indeed does it all.

Free Estimates

Our 35 plus years of experience means we can afford to offer free estimates and consultations. We won’t even begin to charge you for our work until we pinpoint what the repair will cost you. This is how we provide the best experience when it comes to El Toro RV Service. We not only promise to fix whatever problem you have; we promise to find out exactly what the problem is before we charge you a single cent. Even if you are simply in Costa Mesa for motorhome painting, we can handle your every need at a reasonable price.


RV owners already know that RVs are expensive commodities. We don’t believe you should have to pay more than necessary for repairs. We offer a variety of different discounts, depending on the brand of RV and the work needed. We want you to use our Costa Mesa RV parts repair service; this is why we offer discounts on common RV brands. Why choose a less professional company for your Costa Mesa motorhome repairs if you don’t have to?


Many problems won’t allow an RV to be driven to the repair shop. Simply give us a call for El Toro RV Service. We will have one of our employees pick up your RV and bring it to the shop for repair at our garage. If you find yourself in an accident that renders your RV undrivable, please don’t worry. Just give us a call. We have the Costa Mesa RV parts to get you back on the road.

Prompt Delivery

Once the repairs are done, you won’t even need to come to the shop to pick it up. Unlike many other Costa Mesa RV body shops, we will deliver your RV to you once the repairs are complete. You can still come to pick it up if you want. When it comes to Costa Mesa motorhome repairs, we do everything necessary to ensure our customers have the most pleasant experience possible. Don’t worry after a Costa Mesa RV collision; we promise to have you back up and running in no time.

Insurance & Warranty

We work with all insurance companies too. We will help you with any paperwork after a Costa Mesa RV collision to ensure the process remains as stress-free as possible. El Toro RV Service will never be denied due to which insurance company you have. Choose us for your Costa Mesa RV repair service today. Costa Mesa RV repair and maintenance can be a stress-free experience by choosing us.

An honest rv repair shop! I called El Toro RV for a repair after I had a small accident. They picked up my rv and inspected what needed to be done. They provided me with a reasonable estimate and told them to go ahead and start. When I got my RV it looked good as new. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone. Amazing!


El Toro RV provided the best RV collision repair in Orange County. My RV was in bad shape from not taking care of it that well all these years. I’ll say this, the combination of expert knowledge and great service is clearly something worth repeating. The guys at El Toro RV are an efficient team, and obviously, know their way around the RV. They completed our entire list of both routine maintenance as well as some needed repairs. They also offered us some helpful advice and as we continue to learn about best practice in RV operations, having El Toro RV as a resource is a comfort. If you’re in need of Orange County RV repair services, I recommend El Toro RV

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