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El Toro RV Service offers the best recreational vehicles and motorhome repair and maintenance services you have been looking for in and around Fountain Valley, CA. With over 35 years of experience working with various name-brand RVs and motorhomes and customers from Fountain Valley and surrounding areas in Southern California, we know the ins and outs of motorhomes. When you receive service from our Fountain Valley RV repair and maintenance shop, you often get benefits that go beyond the repair you need. You will receive a lifetime commitment for labor and service from our skilled and knowledgeable Fountain Valley RV repair shop technicians.

We pride ourselves in knowing all about RVs that have helped fix our customers' vehicles and meet their requirements on time. Having the opportunity to learn about various brand vehicles, we have served thousands of customers at our Fountain Valley RV repair shop. We are committed to bringing your vehicle back on the road and taking the stress out of future repairs and maintenance. Our highly skilled technicians will ensure that your RVs and motorhomes are serviced to their original state without hassles.


What we offer at our El Toro RV Service Fountain Valley RV body shop is beyond simple repairs. If you are involved in a collision, in a residential area or on the highway, we will get your vehicle repaired at our Fountain Valley RV collision center within a given time frame. Do you have electrical issues, brake or chassis problems, or a non-functional appliance? Do you need a paint job for your vehicle, both on the exterior and interiors of the vehicle? Our Fountain Valley RV painting service center is here to take care of every need related to your RVs and motorhomes.

As mentioned earlier, it is best to get your RVs and motorhomes repaired by a reliable technician. Contacting our Fountain Valley RV body shop can pay off. We offer the best solution to get your vehicle back to its original glory. We make sure that you are satisfied with our Fountain Valley RV repair service, be it with our Fountain Valley motorhome painting service or Fountain Valley RV collision.

Fountain Valley RV Repair You Can Trust

Although it is certainly nice to have a cheap RV company maintain your vehicle or help you fix it, you need to be realistic about a good strategy. Recreational vehicles rely on the efficiency of their parts and quality of services performed on them, And our Fountain Valley RV repair center delivers just that. Our technicians have extensive knowledge and skills to ensure that your RV is repaired according to the manufacturer's standard.

Accidents or collisions with other vehicles can result in damages that are far beyond the vehicle’s exterior. The inner parts of the motorhome may get broken. Some parts may malfunction. Our trained Fountain Valley RV repair service professionals will perform appropriate service on your vehicle. No job is big or small to them. They go above and beyond in getting your vehicle back to like-new condition.

What Separates Our Fountain Valley RV Body Shop From The Competition

Free Estimates

We offer free estimates, no questions asked. Working for more than 3 decades in the RV industry has allowed us the privilege to provide our customers with an estimate free of cost and delivered right to their inbox/door. At El Toro RV Service in Fountain Valley, our technicians are eager to service your vehicle after offering a fast and accurate estimate for the repair, all in writing. We honor the price specified on the estimate. Any issue with regards to the price quote will be resolved quickly and your RV fixed eventually so you can get back on the road trip you have been waiting for.


We offer incredible deals and discounts from time to time for things like Fountain Valley motorhome painting service or Fountain Valley RV parts, all of which can be found on our official website. We also post these discounts and promotional offers on our company's social media accounts. We know that owning an RV is an expensive endeavor, which is why we have several discount offers for services and parts at our Fountain Valley RV body shop. We ask our current and potential customers to take advantage of those offers that would surely bring down their total cost of repairing or maintaining their vehicles. Check back often to find amazing deals on specific services and parts, particularly at our Fountain Valley body shop location. And do not forget to follow or like us on social media pages.


We have made towing easier at El Toro RV Service by offering it in the same location as that of the repair or service. That's correct. You don't have to call another company to get your vehicle towed to our Fountain Valley RV body shop. We will do it right away when you contact us. Whether you need Fountain Valley RV parts or Fountain Valley RV painting service, we have you covered. We will bring the appropriate tools and vehicles to transport your collided or damaged vehicle to our service center. And if need be, we will also offer to pick up and drop off for you and your travel companions at the same time.

Do not risk your life with a damaged RV. Do not take chances with do-it-yourself repairs of your malfunctioning motorhomes. Simply contact us online or by calling our Fountain Valley body shop.

Prompt Delivery

As soon as your RV is fully restored, we will make sure that it reaches your location. Yes, we will deliver your RV or motorhome right at your door, so you don't have to miss that important meeting or event. At Fountain Valley motorhome repairs, we are all about efficiency and convenience when it comes to serving our customers. We take the stress of dealing with transporting the RV back to your place by handling it on our own so you can save time and money at the same time.

Insurance & Warranty

Here at El Toro RV Service, we handle all the paperwork necessary to file your claim when your RV or motorhome is involved in a collision or damage. We make sure to follow up with your insurer so that the processing of your claim is complete on time. We keep the process painless and straightforward to all our customers doing business with our Fountain Valley RV repair and maintenance service.

Our lifetime warranty for Fountain Valley motorhome repairs, services, and labor will ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive. At El Toro RV Service, we have build trust with our customers for a lifetime, and they rely on us for the best RV repair and maintenance service at a price they can always afford.


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What Our Client Says

An honest rv repair shop! I called El Toro RV for a repair after I had a small accident. They picked up my rv and inspected what needed to be done. They provided me with a reasonable estimate and told them to go ahead and start. When I got my RV it looked good as new. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone. Amazing!


El Toro RV provided the best RV collision repair in Orange County. My RV was in bad shape from not taking care of it that well all these years. I’ll say this, the combination of expert knowledge and great service is clearly something worth repeating. The guys at El Toro RV are an efficient team, and obviously, know their way around the RV. They completed our entire list of both routine maintenance as well as some needed repairs. They also offered us some helpful advice and as we continue to learn about best practice in RV operations, having El Toro RV as a resource is a comfort. If you’re in need of Orange County RV repair services, I recommend El Toro RV

Greg V.

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