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At El Toro RV Service, we understand how important it is always to have your RV ready to go. Our team of experienced professionals who specialize in RV maintenance, repairs, and collisions offers reliable and timely service. See why our friendly staff has been preferred for over 35 years. Visit our Fullerton RV body shop or call for a free estimate.

Our highly-trained technicians have extensive experience with all types of RV motorhome repairs. No job is too big or small for us, and we will make sure to get you back on the road with our quick, hassle-free, and systematic approach.

We are a 5-star RV repair service shop with a mission to satisfy our customers with the most comprehensive service and quality standards. Your RV performance and the safety of your family is our priority.

Our repairs are performed precisely and efficiently using parts from only top manufacturers that are highly trusted in the industry. Our passion drives our business to bring you the best Fullerton RV repair service and reliable Fullerton RV body shop.

We're proud to offer the following and many other RV repair services here at El Toro RV Service:

We can take on almost any type of repair your RV might need; no challenge is too great for us. Our expert technicians are eager to put your RV in its best shape. With more than 35 years in the industry, we know how to find the best solutions at the most reasonable costs creatively.

Need more than repairs? We also offer top-quality Fullerton motorhome painting.

Experience for yourself why El Toro RV Service is known as the top Fullerton RV repair shop of choice.

Trusted Fullerton RV Repair and Maintenance

When you reach out to us, we'll immediately assess your situation and tell you if we're able to service your particular RV brand. You can also see the logos below to check out if we work with your brand of RV. Our Fullerton RV body shop has a vast network of parts in the industry.

Our Fullerton RV repair service guarantees you'll be able to enjoy your RV feeling safe and worry-free. We take pride in every single job we perform and take care of every detail with precision to ensure you'll be able to get back on the road quickly. We are a Fullerton RV body shop that deals with just about any type of case.

We've seen just about any possible case out there; with our vast experience, knowledge, and industry network, we're able to tackle any challenge. If we can't fix it, we will give you our best advice and point you in the right direction. Our Fullerton RV body shop can take care of almost any situation in-house with our team of technicians.

Our customers know how transparent and efficient we are, which is why many of our new clients come from referrals from long-time customers. We're delighted to have gained the trust of the Fullerton motorhome repairs market.

Some accidents just happen; others can be prevented by keeping your RV in the best condition. No matter if you're experiencing a minor inconvenience or are trying to recover from a significant accident, El Toro RV Service is ready to help you return on the road as soon as possible. Our responsible technicians perform our Fullerton RV repair and maintenance service to return your RV to you in mint condition.

Why El Toro RV Service Has a Competitive Advantage

Our Fullerton RV repair shop stands out from other shops. We deliver consistent results and never overpromise. You'll know exactly what to expect from us, and there are never hidden fees. These are some of the reasons why we are different from the rest:

Prompt Free Estimates

Whether it's a significant repair or minimal maintenance, we'll quickly determine the cost and time involved. If you had an accident and need Fullerton RV collision service, you'll receive a free written estimate that will detail everything you'll expect to get your RV as you desire.

Is your RV sluggish? Even if you have no idea what is happening with your RV, our 35 plus years of experience allows us to efficiently figure out why your RV is not performing at its best.

At El Toro RV Service Fullerton, we have attentive staff that provides fast and knowledgeable service. You'll have a full understanding of what is wrong with your RV and what it takes to get the problem solved.

We pride ourselves on providing the most reliable and fast service so that you can get back to your vacation mobile in no time. Our team also specializes in Fullerton RV painting and Fullerton RV parts.

Promotions and Discounts

No matter what type of budget you're working with, we know that everyone appreciates promotions and discounts. On top of fair prices, we also offer different ways you can save money.

We have a variety of discounts on many services and RV brands and Fullerton RV painting. Ask our staff about current deals on RV motorhome parts and repair services or check out our website and social media pages (Twitter and Facebook) to see current offers. El Toro RV Service strives to provide you with the most affordable prices without compromising quality.

Safe Towing Service

It doesn't matter where you come to a stop or for what reason. If your RV is not drivable, we'll pick it up! We're just a phone call away, and our experienced professionals will be ready to pick up your RV and start repairs. Were you involved in an accident? Our Fullerton RV collision team is trained to assist you in any type of situation.

Convenient Delivery

We work very hard to restore your RV and immediately deliver it back to your hands. You don't even have to pick it up from our facility, and we’ll drive it to you. Our goal is to provide you with the most convenient and affordable service. We want our customers to focus on their RV’s fun and leave the technical challenges to us.

Top Warranty & Insurance

El Toro RV Service works with top insurance companies and provides warranties on all our Fullerton RV repair projects. We'll take care of the insurance paperwork and processing to make the process simple.

Our lifetime warranty guarantees you'll never have to think about our repairs. With affordable prices and guarantees, it is risk-free to try our service.

Need a paint job? Ask about our pledge when it comes to Fullerton motorhome painting.

You'll quickly see why we have built life-long customers and why so many people recommend our Fullerton RV repair technicians. See the wide selection of Fullerton RV parts we're able to service. Our expert team is ready to answer all your questions.


We Offer RV Repair Services To The Following Brands:

What Our Client Says

An honest rv repair shop! I called El Toro RV for a repair after I had a small accident. They picked up my rv and inspected what needed to be done. They provided me with a reasonable estimate and told them to go ahead and start. When I got my RV it looked good as new. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone. Amazing!


El Toro RV provided the best RV collision repair in Orange County. My RV was in bad shape from not taking care of it that well all these years. I’ll say this, the combination of expert knowledge and great service is clearly something worth repeating. The guys at El Toro RV are an efficient team, and obviously, know their way around the RV. They completed our entire list of both routine maintenance as well as some needed repairs. They also offered us some helpful advice and as we continue to learn about best practice in RV operations, having El Toro RV as a resource is a comfort. If you’re in need of Orange County RV repair services, I recommend El Toro RV

Greg V.

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