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Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy RV service in Huntington Beach, CA? Then you have come to the right place. With over 35 years of experience repairing and servicing a wide variety of recreational vehicles and motor homes, El Toro RV Service is the number one Huntington Beach RV repair shop.

In summary, the following list of services are readily available at EL Toro RV Service Huntington Beach RV repair and maintenance center:


We offer the best solution and do everything in our power to get your RV back on track. We, at our El Toro RV Service, will tend to your needs promptly on time and offer a service that is both convenient and affordable.

Huntington Beach RV Collision Repair You Can Rely On

Probably because you did not include the RV in your list of regular maintenance due to cost concerns, you have been inadvertently decreasing its durability. Or your RV is in a state of despair and needs some serious attention. Whatever the case is, we, at El Toro RV Service, have the proper knowledge and experience to bring your RV back to life and extend it way beyond its warranty. Our technicians take pride in what they do and know how to fix a vehicle regardless of brand and type.

No matter how good a driver you are and how meticulously you have planned your vacation, accidents do happen. Whether you are involved in a minor fender-bender that requires a simple paint touch-up or a collision that calls for extensive repair work, we can help you find a way. Our highly qualified and trained El Toro RV Service technicians will provide exemplary service and complete the job within a given time frame. We, El Toro RV Service, offer both convenience and affordability along with these services and go above and beyond in transforming your RV into its original state.

If you have spent more time and effort tinkering with your RV without any success or need Huntington Beach RV parts to replace an existing one, we are eager to assist. Our Huntington Beach RV repair experts will offer not just said services but also helpful tips and detailed advice on your vehicle’s upkeep and maintenance, including minor troubleshooting issues.

What Separates Us From Our Competitors

Free Estimates

In short, our Huntington Beach motorhome repairs experts take our customers' budget concerns seriously, which is why we strive to provide many things free, including initial consultation and quote. Our El Toro RV Service company is particularly indebted to the friendly and reliable technicians working at our Huntington Beach RV body shop. We have made it possible to offer free estimates for all of our customers irrespective of the extent of the repair work or type of services like Huntington Beach motorhome painting or Huntington Beach RV painting. Repairing an RV when something goes wrong or when the vehicle is performing worse than before is not a DIY task for many RV owners, and we are aware of that. Add to that the cost concern, and it can be a stressful experience. Our Huntington Beach RV body shop technicians and experts put in a lot of effort and time to diagnose your RV issue and quote the price in writing. They know what needs to be done, so you don't have to worry about your RV breaking down in the future.


At our Huntington Beach RV repair center, we offer huge discounts and promotional offers for almost every part, service, and labor you come across. Our website and social media post all the relevant information about such deals from time to time. Having a discounted offer doesn't mean you will receive an inferior service. On the contrary, it means we value our customers. A discounted offer, by our definition, is an added perk that our Huntington Beach motorhome repairs center gives as gratitude to our customers for shopping at the Huntington Beach RV repair shop.


Accidents on a highway, or anywhere for that matter, can result in your RV being rendered undrivable. Our team at Huntington Beach RV body shop would handle the towing of your vehicle when it gets stranded or malfunctioning. We bring our towing equipment from our Huntington Beach RV body shop location, pick you up, and your RV to your destination and our shop, respectively. We feel in all ways that having our towing service is justified based on cost-effectiveness, convenience, and safety.

Prompt Delivery

El Toro RV Service in Huntington Beach believes that convenience and customer satisfaction is the key to a business's success, we have emphasized delivering multiple services in one place. It seemed to us that if the RV is repaired and ready to be back on the road, then the vehicle has to be immediately available to its owner. That is why we offer your RV delivery service right after it is fully restored to its original state. That's right! There is no need to call us or come to our Huntington Beach RV body shop to pick up your vehicle; we do it for you at your earliest convenience. This way, we take out the stress of dealing with a faulty RV that needs repair.

Insurance and Warranty

Here at El Toro RV Service in Huntington Beach, CA we make sure that all the paperwork regarding your insurance claim is processed promptly on time. We take time out of our busy schedule to get acquainted with your insurance policy terms and conditions and prepare the filing claims documents. We will then get back to you, informing you about your claim status when you need it. In essence, we will keep the processing of your insurance claim painless and straightforward by expediting the service.

Additionally, we offer lifetime warranties on almost all our parts and labor, as specified in the estimate you receive, so you never have to deal with another damage or collision again.


We Offer RV Repair Services To The Following Brands:

What Our Client Says

An honest rv repair shop! I called El Toro RV for a repair after I had a small accident. They picked up my rv and inspected what needed to be done. They provided me with a reasonable estimate and told them to go ahead and start. When I got my RV it looked good as new. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone. Amazing!


El Toro RV provided the best RV collision repair in Orange County. My RV was in bad shape from not taking care of it that well all these years. I’ll say this, the combination of expert knowledge and great service is clearly something worth repeating. The guys at El Toro RV are an efficient team, and obviously, know their way around the RV. They completed our entire list of both routine maintenance as well as some needed repairs. They also offered us some helpful advice and as we continue to learn about best practice in RV operations, having El Toro RV as a resource is a comfort. If you’re in need of Orange County RV repair services, I recommend El Toro RV

Greg V.

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