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Collision Repair Our services here at El Toro RV Service are reliable, friendly, and efficient. Our experts have extensive knowledge in RV repair, and we have over 35 year’s worth of experience in the field. This means we take the stress out of having repairs done. We go above and beyond to offer a hassle-free experience. Our passion for RV repair means that we love seeing satisfied customers. Stop in or give us a call to see what we can do with your RV today.
Keep reading to learn about all of the RV repair services we offer.
Give us a call to find out if we can perform a specific repair. Don’t forget to ask us about our Newport Beach motorhome painting. It’s just one of many niche services we offer.

El Toro RV Service has the Experience

As previously mentioned, we have over 35 years of experience in the industry. Our highly trained staff can handle almost every repair you can think of dealing with RVs. We will get your RV back up and running better than ever with haste.

Whether you’re in Newport Beach, CA, for RV painting or in Newport Beach, CA, you will understand why we make such promises after seeing our facility for collision repair. We utilize the most modern equipment. Combined with our expert mechanics and repair specialists, we have the tools to leave every customer happy.

Newport Beach RV Repair you can Trust

Our Newport Beach RV body shop is trusted throughout the community. We have provided our customers with peace of mind for over 35 years. Our customers can feel comfortable getting back on the road after much-needed repairs. Simply take a look a the brands of RVs we work on to see how experienced we are. We can handle nearly any type of RV a person might be driving.

Our Newport Beach RV body shop is willing to help you after an accident. We understand that as hard as you might try, accidents are sometimes unavoidable. We strive to provide our customers with an honest, affordable service. We believe that convenience and affordability go hand in hand to create our customers’ benefit. We attempt to get every RV we work on as close to like-new condition as possible.

We are Ahead of the Competition

Free Estimates 

We never charge our customers a dime to estimate the costs. We simply don’t do business that way. We understand that our customers may not know what’s wrong with their RV, and we don’t charge them anything for estimates and diagnosis. Our Newport Beach RV body shop doesn’t think you should be charged just to find out how much repairs will cost you. Our goal is to find out what the issue is, repair it, and get your back on the road as soon as possible.


Newport Beach motorhome repairs can get expensive fast. That’s why we offer discounts on specific brands and makes of RVs. We want you to get your RV back up and run at an affordable price. We have a plethora of deals and discounts that you can take advantage of. Whether it’s Newport Beach motorhome painting or Newport Beach RV parts you need, we may have value for you. Our discounts change frequently. Give us a call to learn about what we’re currently offering.

Towing & Delivery

If you’re anything like us, you are always prepared for the worst. A collision could leave your RV undrivable. That’s why we offer personalized towing services to our customers. We can pick you and your RV up and bring it back to your shop. We can even deliver your RV back to you once the repairs are finished. We make the process as hassle-free as possible. Simply contact us. We will send a team of experts to retrieve your damaged RV to repair it at our facility.

Insurance & Warranty

We work with all insurance companies that cover RVs. This means you will have minimal out-of-pocket costs by letting us handle your Newport Beach RV collision. To keep the process as painless as possible, our staff will do everything they can to take the process with your insurance company.

What Our Client Says

An honest rv repair shop! I called El Toro RV for a repair after I had a small accident. They picked up my rv and inspected what needed to be done. They provided me with a reasonable estimate and told them to go ahead and start. When I got my RV it looked good as new. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone. Amazing!


El Toro RV provided the best RV collision repair in Orange County. My RV was in bad shape from not taking care of it that well all these years. I’ll say this, the combination of expert knowledge and great service is clearly something worth repeating. The guys at El Toro RV are an efficient team, and obviously, know their way around the RV. They completed our entire list of both routine maintenance as well as some needed repairs. They also offered us some helpful advice and as we continue to learn about best practice in RV operations, having El Toro RV as a resource is a comfort. If you’re in need of Orange County RV repair services, I recommend El Toro RV

Greg V.

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