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El Toro RV Service is synonymous with efficient, thorough, and reliable service. We’re known for our extensive knowledge in Brea RV repair spanning over 35 years. In addition, you can count on our Garden Grove RV body shop to provide some of the most comprehensive services in all of California, including collisions and Garden Grove RV painting for all members of our community.

Our tip-to-tail service will remove all the headaches that can come with RV repair. Not only that, but we’ll ensure that it’s done quickly and efficiently. We’re regarded as a 5-star service because we love what we do, and we love to provide the community with a Garden Grove RV repair and maintenance service that they can trust repeatedly. We don’t believe in turning down a job because it happens to be too big or small- we happily take on all work with a smile!

Here is a list of RV repair services we provide:

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With more than three decades of experience in the RV industry, our Garden Grove RV repair shop technicians will repair your vehicle and offer the best package and price to fix the issue. Your RV will be back on the road in no time with El Toro RV Service. We are the number one choice for the recreational vehicle body, engine, and parts repair around Garden Grove, CA. We are also the lead Garden Grove motorhome painting service company.

Garden Grove RV Repair Service You Can Trust

When it’s damaged due to collision or other reasons, repairing an RV is not something you want to undertake yourself. With your RV fully fixed by us, you will be back on the road without worrying much about what might go wrong again because it won’t. We use the most delicate OEM parts and accessories to make your RV look and run new again. We use specific brands that are customized and recommended for your RV type.

Sometimes, accidents are inevitable. Collision damage shouldn’t deter you from driving your RV again or reaching your destination. For this reason, our highly-qualified technicians will ensure that the repair work is done promptly. Affordability and convenience are what we offer besides the list mentioned above of RV services. You can trust our Garden Grove RV body shop with your motorhome

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Most frequent questions and answers

Here at El Toro RV, we work with all insurance companies and we will assist paperwork that comes along with processing your insurance. We want to keep the process as simple and painless as possible to expedite you to our RV repair service.

Yes, El Toro RV can provide an estimate based of pictures. The ideal way is to email multiples photos and angles to show the damage that needs attention to

Every repair is unique to each manufacture, make & model. A detailed estimate will enable us to give you a better timeline of when your repair will be completed. Our experienced team will ensure that you are back on the road in your RV as soon as possible. 

Once you have established your claim with your insurance company. Our knowledgable team can assist you with your paperwork and processing. We’re familiar with most RV insurance companies. We want to keep the process simple and painless — expedite your RV paint and body shop repair service needs alongside El Toro’s expertise.

RV Paint And Body Shop Repair Excellence

El Toro RV offers trusted RV paint and body shop repair services. We provide reliable, friendly, and efficient services at El Toro RV. Get professional skills that can restore any RV to like-new condition — we love our job—experience dedicated skills with our RV body shop near me services. Enjoy a full-service RV body shop and facility.

Our El Toro RV team of technicians and professionally trained staff have dealt with all RV makes and models. In addition, El Toro RV body shop near me offers expert services throughout the area — our level of expertise is not easy to find.

You’ll get quality and a quick turnaround — you’re on the go, and we keep it that way.

Garden Grove RV Repair You Can Trust

El Toro RV Service provides all the essential RV service, information, and advice you need in one place. We know you are a busy person; that’s why our excellent and well-organized Garden Grove RV body shop offers a quick and perfect solution for your RV requirements. Exactly what needs to be done when your RV is in distress depends on many factors: whether you are stranded in the middle of a highway; whether the RV needs a Garden Grove motorhome painting service or Garden Grove RV collision repair work; whether you have constantly been handling the repair yourself without any success. We have organized our services into various areas, whether you want the RV to be towed, repaired, cleaned, or maintained.

Our RV repair shop is the one you can trust in Garden Grove, CA, and surrounding areas. At Garden Grove RV body shop, we take pride in serving our customers and bringing their RV into its original condition, so they don’t have to worry about it down the road. Our technicians have handled thousands of recreational vehicles and motor homes in Garden Grove and are confident in what they do.

Accidents do happen, regardless of how carefully and responsibly you drive. Whether you are involved in a minor fender-bender or a major collision, we can help you. No job is big or small to our Garden Grove RV body shop technicians. We provide lots of information on the thicket of vehicle issues facing the drivers of the RVs. At El Toro RV Service, we will go above and beyond to restore your RV to its functional condition and get it back on the road without hassles.

How Are We Different From Our Competitors

Free Estimates

Whether you need on-the-spot Garden Grove motorhome repairs or maintenance service that would extend over a year, our estimates and quotes are free. For example, suppose you’ve been tinkering with your RV because something went wrong or it’s been performing worse than usual. In that case, El Toro RV Service technicians will assist you in making an informed decision or confirming that you made the right move to repair yourself. At our Garden Grove RV body shop, you will find the most friendly and knowledgeable individuals representing the company and serving its customers. You will be offered a fast and accurate written estimate for the work to be done for anything and everything, such as Garden Grove motorhome painting service, Garden Grove RV collision repair work, and Garden Grove RV painting, free of cost. We aim to help you fix the issue and get your RV back on the road again.


Despite the challenges of owning RVs, many owners are happy today because of services like ours. At El Toro RV Service company, we make it easy for our clients to bring their vehicles into our repair shop when the cars are rendered undrivable due to collision, malfunction, or other reasons. Our Garden Grove RV repair service center provides you with towing services at an affordable cost. Contact us when your RV needs a ride, and we’ll be there any time. Our impeccable service at Garden Grove RV body shop can be financially and emotionally satisfying and give you the freedom you can experience like never before. You have a unique opportunity with us to not only repair your RV on time but also obtain long-term service benefits.

Insurance and Warranty

If you have come to our Garden Grove RV repair service center for repair or maintenance, we make sure to work with your insurance and assist you with the paperwork that comes with processing your claims. We help you keep the process simple and painless by expediting the claim on your behalf. Remember, not filing a claim on time after an accident could result in delayed processing and monetary loss. The insurer/owner will be responsible for paying out of his or her pocket and owe everything on the quoted bill. You don’t have to go through all these hassles when dealing with our El Toro RV Service Garden Grove RV repair center.

For each of our customers in Garden Grove, CA, we offer a lifetime warranty on many items, such as Garden Grove RV parts and labor, so you don’t have to worry about your RV breaking down again parts getting damaged. At El Toro RV Service Garden Grove Rv repair shop, we value our customers, therefore, provide insurance claim filing service and appropriate warranties for services, parts, and quality work.

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