Mistakes New RV Owners Make And How To Avoid Them

Mistakes New RV Owners Make And How To Avoid Them

If you’re new to RV life, you’re probably enjoying the thrill and fun that comes along with owning a rig and exploring the country. Owning an RV is fun but can also be a minefield for newbies who make mistakes while learning the ins and outs of operating an RV. We are the top RV collision repair Buena Park service center, and we’ve seen it all, from the funny to the tragic. This guide is to ensure you don’t make the same newbie mistakes of new RV owners.

Driving Off While Connected

When you boondock or park your RV, you may hook up to a water source, electricity, or other hookups. One of the biggest mistakes is to forget to disconnect when you leave. Don’t drive away before checking to make sure you have disconnected everything. Pull in your awning, lower the antenna, pull up the stairs, and close the vents before you leave.

Not Knowing Your Height And Width

Knowing the size of your rig is important so that you don’t attempt bridges, awnings, or parking garages that are too low. You don’t want to get stuck under a low bridge or wedged into a spot too tight to back out of. The last thing you want to do is crash into the side of the drive-thru at the local fast food joint.

Overpacking Your Rig

While your RV is like a home on wheels, packing a whole house of accessories into it will cause long-term damage. If your rig is too heavy, it will cause wear and tear on the tires and axels and decrease your gas mileage. Pack what you need but pack light.

Failing To Plan

It is often said that failing to plan is planning to fail. When you set out on a trip, check to see if RV parks or campsites are on your route. Know when you will need to stop for gas and what gas stations are nearby. There may be long stretches of road between gas stations and food establishments, so it pays to plan before you travel.

Leaving The Ceiling Vent Open

Leaving the ceiling vent open is a major newbie mistake and one that will leave your rig soaking wet if it rains. Be sure to close all vents when you are not using them, even if you’re not expecting rain.

Not Knowing Your Rig

While you may be excited and ready to get on the road as soon as you get your RV, it pays to take the time to understand how it works. When your dealership delivers your RV, ask questions and pay attention in the walkthrough. Learn about how to hook up your tanks, how to level the jacks, and how to refuel. The last thing you want to do is find yourself on the road without knowing how to operate your new RV.

Get Your RV Checked Regularly By A Reliable Buena Park RV Body Shop

Getting regular maintenance on your new RV is key to keeping it in tip-top shape and avoiding costly repairs down the line. Suppose you need RV collision repair in Buena Park; our service shop services RVs every day and can get your rig road-ready in no time. If you have gotten into an accident and need an RV body shop Buena Park we have a team of damage and collision experts ready to serve you. El Toro RV service is the premier location for RV repairs in Buena Park. Stop in our showroom for expert repairs today.

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