When Should I Change My Oil In My RV?

Every RV is different, so check the maintenance section in your owner’s manual. Typically, you should get an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

It’s best to get an RV oil change in Orange County every year if you’re a frequent traveler or not, to be safe. If you delay an important oil change, your engine will rust, and it won’t run properly.

What Are Signs Of Needing An Oil Change?

If you overwork your RV, you’ll know when it’s time for an oil change. Here are the most common signs.

Loud Engine Noise

Your engine should never squeal, knock, or grind. If you ever hear these sounds, get an oil change immediately.

Dingy Oil

Fresh motor oil has a golden brown tone, and dirty oil has a black hue. When motor oil heats up in an engine, its characteristics change, and it loses its light translucent color. If your oil is dingy and dark, it’s time for an oil change.

Low Oil Level

If there is only a little oil in your oil tank, something is wrong. The tank could leak, or the engine is burning the oil when you travel.

Add more oil to the tank and take your RV to the nearest service center to correct this problem.


You’ll need an oil change if your engine has an oil leak. If you delay maintenance, your RV will blow carbon monoxide out of its tailpipe.

Key Considerations

At El Toro RV Service we give you peace of mind with our experts to take care of any RV maintenance to get you back on the road. It is important to have routine oil changes and take care of your motorhome as they can be complex and costly. Contact us to schedule an oil change for your RV!

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